4 Simple Steps To Boost Fat Loss (UPDATED 2018)
4 Simple Steps To Boost Fat Loss (UPDATED 2018)
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4 Simple Steps To Boost Fat Loss

Weight loss is all about metabolism and calories. Take in less calories, burn more calories, boost your metabolism to burn more calories doing the same amount of work.

The sooner that you learn these truths the faster you’ll be on your way to losing weight. If you are still struggling with why metabolism is so important consider these questions:

Why do doctors tell you to eat raw fruits and vegetables? Because they speed up your metabolism – and they’re low in calories!

Why do you exercise? To accelerate your metabolic rate by building strong muscles and burn more calories!

Why do you use diet supplements? Because they accelerate your metabolism!

You see, almost everything you do in order to lose weight is geared towards one aim – even if you don’t realize it – and that aim is to increase your metabolic rate. Why so? Because the higher your metabolic rate is, the faster you will burn fat and lose weight. Here are four tips to help boost your metabolic rate and increase the weight loss you are experiencing.

1. Small meals are the way to go: We’re often so busy that we don’t even have that time to focus on eating. But if you are serious about weight loss, all that needs to be changed. The ultra-busy people finish off with just two meals per day, while the not-so-busy people usually have three meals. But if you want to burn fat, you should eat six small meals per day.

You may find it difficult to schedule six different meals into your day, and you aren’t really increasing the amount of food you’re eating. Istead, you just need to eat more frequently. You can split the three meals you eat into six small meals, and eat each meal every two or three hours.

The theory behind this method is to keep your body digesting food and full at all times. When your body begins to get hungry the metabolism has already started to slow down to accommodate to the decreased fuel supply. Provide your body with food on a continuous basis and it will not only jumpstart your metabolism, but also keep it high at all times.

2. Sleep please: People spend far less time on sleeping than is really necessary. If you want to get healthy, sleeping for at least 7-8 hours is a must. If you don’t sleep well, your appetite will be low and so will be your metabolism. Plus lack of sleep can cause other health complications. We all have lots of work to do but if we want to become healthy, we need to find some quality time that we can spend on bed.

People who lack in quality sleep have difficulty not only with their metabolism but it also negatively impacts cardiac health and neurological systems. People who are sleep deprived may actually eat more to stay awake which doesn’t jump start the metabolism because they are eating well over the allotted calories. They also find it difficult to be productive and it takes them longer to accomplish the same task as if they have had enough sleep.

3. Drink cold water: Did you know the cold water, especially icy cold water, can boost your metabolic rate? Make sure that the first thing you do in the morning is drink one glass of icy cold water. It will skyrocket your metabolism to a level you might have never imagined!

Of course, throughout the day, you should drink plain, cold water. Water, as a matter of fact, not only accelerates your metabolic rate, but also cleans your body of all the toxins. In fact you will lose weight just by getting yourself rid of all the toxins that are stored in your body!

Measure the amount of water you need by the color of your urine. Normally you’ll need 8 glasses of 8 ounces every day to cleanse your body and keep it hydrated. However, if you are sweating profusely or start by being dehydrated you should watch the color of your urine to estimate the amount of water you drink. Urine should be clear, not dark yellow, with very little odor. The darker the urine with odor the more dehydrated your body is.

4. Don’t hate exercises: Exercises are what will help you build lean muscles, and lean muscles in turn will help you burn fat. Here is how: lean muscles demand a lot of calories from your body, which it gets by burning more calories.

Exercise has many other health benefits as well. On the days you exercise your metabolism stays boosted for several hours burning more calories that day than you would on any other day. Exercise will also decrease your risk of cardiac problems, diabetes, immune problems, joint problems and improve your overall health and sense of well being.

Interval training is the best exercise to do if you want to increase your muscle mass and therefore your metabolism. Weight lifting and resistance training are others you can do to accelerate the weight loss process.

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