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8 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Losing weight should not be like rocket science. After all, if it involves a lengthy, difficult and complicated process, then you would have a hard time following it or seeing it through. It would be better to following several simple things that you can do to eliminate those unwanted calories. These may be basic stuff, but together, these could just shed those extra pounds off.

1. Indulge in a great-tasting, but low-calorie treat once a week. This would help keep you from feelings of deprivation. You would be surprise at how great-tasting healthy options can be. For example, lobster contains just 83 calories per 3 ounces.

Shrimp is even better, with just 60 calories (12 large pieces). Whipped cream contains just 8 calories in one tablespoon. You can pour whipped cream over a bowl of fresh fruits for a grand dessert.

2. Treat high-calorie foods as if they were jewels in the crown. A spoonful of sinful ice cream over a bowl of fruit. Pair each bite of chips with lots of filling salsa. Eat a little cheese with a lot of salad.

3. Make water your primary drink. Soft drinks contain enough calories to set you off about 25 pounds a year. This is because, despite their high-calorie content, sugary drinks do not give you the sense of fullness that food does.

4. Aim for an extra thousand steps a day. Sedentary people, on average put out only a couple of thousand steps a day. Doubling that will help you maintain weight. Adding extra steps will help you lose weight.

5. Eat several small meals or snacks in a day instead of three large meals. Studies show that people distributing their food consumption at intervals of five hours gain almost 30 percent fewer calories. Additionally, even if you consume the same number of calories over several small meals as three big meals, your body would release less insulin, thus keeping blood sugar steady and controls hunger.

6. Invest in the color blue. There is a reason not many restaurants come decorated in this color. This is because the color blue can act as an appetite suppressant. Serve up dinner in blue plates on blue tablecloth. Dress up in blue while you are at it. Conversely, avoid red, orange or yellow in dining areas.

7. Downsize on dinner plates. Research show that the less food placed in front of you, the less you eat and the more food served in front of you, the more you will eat, regardless of how hungry you actually are. So downsize on plates. Serve your main courses on salad plates. And instead of oversized coffee mugs and 16-ounce glasses, opt for 8-ounce servings or cups.

8. Eat one less cookie a day. Or drop one less can of soda, or take three fewer bites of a hamburger. Doing any of these will help you consume about a hundred less calories per day. That is enough to prevent you from gaining the average 1.8 to 2 pounds people gain each year. The idea is to start slow by taking fewer bites or eating slightly less than your usual meal before actually going on a full diet.

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