Cha De Bugre as a weight-loss supplement
Cha De Bugre as a weight-loss supplement
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What Is Cha De Bugre?

‘Cha De Bugre’ is a red fruit similar to a coffee bean, which is often roasted like coffee and can even be used as a substitute to coffee. It grows on trees up to 40 feet high in Brazil, South America.

Popular in both Brazil and Haiti, it is commonly used as a tea to help relieve coughs, regulate renal function, reduce uric acid and externally to heal wounds. It has fantastic weight-loss properties, as well as increasing blood flow and circulation and assisting the flushing of toxins as a diuretic. It’s main and most popular function is the crushing of the appetite, as an appetite suppressant.

Cha de Bugre and Weight-Loss

Firstly, this wonder-herb is an expert at suppressing the appetite. Particularly helpful for men and women looking to lose weight by cutting down snacking and portion sizes; Cha de Bugre helps to suppress the appetite so that larger food portions become a struggle to finish, and snacks in between meals are nearly always unappealing. Many people find that their weight gain is due to overeating, or eating in between main meals. Cha De Bugre is a herbal solution to this problem, by tricking the brain and stomach into feeling full.

Cha De Bugre also acts as a diuretic. This means that it aids fluid removal – whether this is excess water weight, fats or toxins. Many men and women often suffer from water or fluid retention which can often be mistaken for body fat. By quickly flushing this water out with urine whilst using Cha de Bugre will help reveal muscles which may be hidden under retained water. A huge benefit for women in particular of reducing the amount of water and toxins stored is the reduction in the appearance of cellulite, particularly around the thigh and buttock areas. This method enables Cha De Bugre to assist the removal of fatty, cellulite, orange-peel feel to thighs and buttocks for a sexier, smoother figure.

When combining the appetite suppression and fluid drainage properties of this South American herb, Cha De Bugre really comes out tops when looking for a herbal weight loss supplement.

Which Cha De Bugre Products are Available?

Cha De Bugre is a rare herb and is indigenous to Brazil in South America, and is often hard to come by, especially in the UK and USA as it is simply not grown in these areas. One of the most popular forms of Cha De Bugre is in a herbal capsule form, which contains the dried herb, which is usually combined with Green Tea extract and caffeine for an immensely effective appetite suppressant and fat burner.

We recommend trying the highly-rated ‘The Brazilian Diet System’ available from Evolution Slimming. Many customers have achieved great weight-loss success and as a totally herbal weight-loss product is highly recommended. Crush that appetite, drains fats and be on your way to revealing a sexy, slender figure – that the beautiful beach bodies of Rio are famous for!

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