Leptigen is Safe and Helps you Lose Weight?
Leptigen is Safe and Helps you Lose Weight?
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Leptigen is Safe and Helps you Lose Weight?

Leptigen is a brand of diet product having ingredients which highly boost metabolism and fairly handle blood sugar and glucose tolerance.

It can be bought straight from the company website where one can select a two, one or three month supply. A one month supply is 109.95 dollars, one capsule two times in a day. There is no producer listed on the website but there is an email and contact number to contact them. The website does has detailed clinical research references and testimonials.

Detailed information:

The site provides useful information on important snacks for dieting not associated to the product. Leptigen has one patented ingredient known as meratrim which claims specific effectiveness in improving metabolism and another material known as chromemate which function on blood sugar levels. Green tea extract and caffeine are added in this product.

The chief method product claims to perform is to burn fat soon while getting the muscles lean. The clinical studies references quoted two important reviewed studies presenting major change in weight loss and measurement with this supplement when the members followed a two thousand calorie a day and walked half an hour a day 5 days a week. There are no big adverse side effects but certain people might feel increased heart rate and mild headaches.


Each capsule of this supplement product has some important ingredients. The ingredients are caffeine, chromium polynicotinate, decaffeinated green tea extract, avisil proprietary blend, ashwagandha root.

Other ingredients are cellulose, gelatine, magnesium stereate, silicon dioxide, lecithin phospholipids.

Chromium polunicotinate is a combination of niacin and chromium. Products always have chromium filled with vitamins to raise absorption. Chromium has been utilized in weight loss products for several years. Most of the weight loss product has caffeine. It appears to possess a small amount of fat burning effect.

Leptigen contains 75 mg of caffeine in one capsule. Avesil is really the name offered to another supplement for weight loss.

Green select EGCG is a trademarked model of green tea seen in leptigen. This type is assumed to be better absorbed than normal green tea. Another name is green select phytosome. This helps people to reduce weight.

Ashwagandha root has the scientific name called withania somnifera. Few studies recommend that this herb might assist anxiety levels. By decreasing anxiety levels, it stops people from consuming too much. In theory, this herb helps people burn lot of calories.

Mera trim is one of the ingredients seen in leptigen. There are certain weight loss studies on mera trim. The studies show that this works while people eat eight hundred milligram per day. The product label shows that leptigen has soy.


Mixture of ingredients includes different factors impacting weight challenges like blood sugar levels, metabolism and energy. There are no big or dangerous side effects on using the product. There are two reviewed clinical researches available. Consumer testimonials are instantly available to read and know about the product. It is not posturing like a standalone solution, identifies the necessity of exercising and diets.


It is very costly when you compare with some natural ways or other supplement product. It has caffeine which might do certain jittery. It is found only through company website.Based on the official site of leptigen it is produced by the industry called leptigen, same like product name.

The address offered by the industry is leptigen. At primary instance it appears authentic, but if you attempt to find this address in Google, you do not find any exact information. To this inexactness there is one more industry called triton web properties who was the Bin27 .com owner has stated this address like their headquarters.

Return policy:

Prior returning the product contacts the consumer service section. You want to receive a return merchandise number and this requires accompanying anything which is returned. The website states people have one hundred twenty days from the time they place the order for the product to return it.

To obtain a refund, they say you want to add a copy of the sales receipt also. Do not eat the supplement if you are pregnant, avoid taking minimum two weeks prior surgery, contact your health care professional if you are suffering from any health problems like liver issues, thyroid problem, blood pressure, stroke or diabetic.

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